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Motorcycle Lifts, Motorbike Stands, Motorcycle Wheel Chocks manufactured in the United Kingdom by Quasar Products Ltd, supplied globally through our Worldwide Distribution Network all with a "Lifetime Product Guarantee".

With 15 years of continuous development and refinement we have made this unique and innovative "Make Life Easy" product range "The Best that Money can Buy"!

All Harley Davidson motorcycles, Sportsbikes, BMW tourers Metric Cruiser or older Classic Motorbikes, We Lift Them!

Our products are all designed for home servicing, cleaning, detailing and general maintenance of your investment providing you with a Fast, Safe and Reliable way to "Lift That Bike up in the Air"

Purchasing is done through our "SECURE 128 bit" encrypted server and comes with peace of mind that an unrivalled customer aftercare service is waiting here for you if ever you need it!

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Big Blue Bike LiftBig Blue Cruiser Lift.

The Perfect Companion for all Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Fat Bob shown here on the Big Blue, this Giant of a lift is tested to withstand over 2000kg 4400lbs! The Eazyrizer Big Blue Lift is the result of a passion to ride very low and very heavy motorcycles coupled with the need to Safely work on such massive machines.

Primarily it was all about lifting Harley Davidson's but then came requests to lift 1800 Goldwings and Triumph Rocket 3 in a Safe and Secure manner, Big Blue was the solution by lifting these giant machines up to waist height in Total Safety and we now provide a comprehensive range of mounts to suit all motorcycles.

The United States of America was our driving force behind the Big Blue Professional, A True Motorbike Lift thats made in the UK!

Remember that both the Blue or Red lift comes complete and ready for use with one set of mounts of your choice included in the cost!

Eazyrizer Red Motorbike lift.
Eazy Rizer Lift
Honda CB1000R shown using our standard footpeg mount system with 360 deg of access allowing any type of work to be carried out! This motorcycle lift evolved from the need to work on a range of bikes that were previously impossible to lift in a safe and secure manner, That problem is now History!

Eazyrizer Red lift gives the option to lift wheels free or by the wheels if required for general maintainence, repairs or even cleaning by giving full access to those hidden areas.

Operator and machine have always been our priority and still nothing comes close to Eazyrizer Motorcycle Lifts when it comes to Safety!

Using the highest quality materials, state of the art laser cutting technology we have unquestionably developed the World’s Safest Motorcycle lift and we guarantee that we can lift your bike Old or New?

Both Eazyrizer Motorcycle Lifts have been tested to withstand 2,000kg (2 Tons) without failure and employ a "Totally Failsafe" high tensile Trapezoidal screwshaft that can be powered manually or with your electric drill, It has the ability to be stopped at any given height up to standard workbench height and can also be "Locked" in the raised position for your bikes security. When not in use just hang it up on your garage wall to save space.

Bike Grab Wheel ChockMotorcycle Wheel Chock, Bikegrab.

Cruisers or Sportsbikes the Bikegrab stand motorcycle wheel chock is a universal design for use on either the front or rear wheel and keeps your bike "Safely" upright without the need for the sidestand while parked, the bike just cannot be knocked over! "Ride In" get off and walk away, It's Safe!

Great for saving valuable space in your garage or use outdoor for easy cleaning of the bike. Bikegrab excels itself when it comes to safely transporting motorbikes in the back of vans, trucks or even trailers by giving the ultimate in security!

Roll either front or rear wheel of your motorcycle into the Bike Grab’s vice like grip and it will be safe and secure until your next ride, it is fully adjustable to take all tyre sizes from 80mm fronts to 195mm road racer rears.

Widely used by the Trade and Race teams alike, along with such motorcycle manufacturers as Triumph, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda. It is the perfect solution for the total security and safety of your motorcycle no matter what make or model!

Strongarm Harley Davidson lift.Harley Davidson Lift
Strongarm is the answer to effortlessly lift the wheels of all heavy cruisers off the ground in just a couple of seconds be it a loaded Harley Davidson or Japanese Cruiser.

The Strongarm cruiser lift is your personal assistant holding your bike vertical with the wheels free to turn ready for that big clean! It is just the answer to that winter park up with all the pressure taken off tyres and suspension and saves you valuable space in the garage to, Not to mention the Security!

The unique and robust design of the Strongarm lift allows weights in excess of 600kg (1320lbs) to be easily lifted making it perfect for wheel or even fork and swingarm removal in "Total Safety", It is fully adjustable to take the ride height of any bike plus there is a full PVC sleeving on the lifting rail to give you total protection of your bikes paintwork.

All this has made it a massive success with cruiser owners worldwide.

Motorcycle JackThe Tommyjack, Wheel Lift.
Tommyjack Superbike wheel lift makes cleaning the rear wheel or chain lubrication a cinch on most sports bikes, It is lightening quick as it's lifting beam just slips under the bike's swingarm.

Tommyjack's pivot lever is then swung down towards the ground and the rear wheel is airborne!

A safety locking pin is inserted to complete the task in just a couple of seconds!

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